After decluttering my house for what felt like the millionth time – clothes I’d never worn, children’s toys that had been kindly gifted, but barely played with, and kitchen gadgets we weren’t even sure how to use, something clicked.. 

Whether the items were previously loved, or bought with good intentions, I realised that they no longer served a purpose in our home. With this clear out came a shift, an awakening to the negative effect excessive consumption is having – in our homes and the wider world . These material items were supposed to bring joy, yet I felt like I was being suffocated by the volume of “stuff” in my home and I felt guilty about the negative environmental impact – I wanted to play my part in doing better. 

I quickly became obsessed with this idea and started researching brands who were truly focused on being good to both people and planet, while also creating beautiful products. It was then that the idea of bringing all these purpose-led products together in one place, a go-to for beautiful items for you, your home and your loved ones really came to life.

As I excitedly set about building our business, something wasn’t sitting right with me. This had to be more than just selling more things to people – even though the ethical and environmental credentials of our products are incredibly high. It felt like there could be a more creative way for us to still have the things we loved, without simply increasing the number of things we have in our life. A way to experience these products without owning them forever, or give thoughtful and beautiful gifts while also being respectful of the recipients needs. 

Over the following months The Good Edit evolved into the platform you see today – it is a place to buy stunning products from ethical and eco-friendly brands. It’s also a place to borrow from our collection when you don’t need – or want – to buy. And, coming soon, you’ll see we’re testing a new way of gifting and you’ll be able to resell and buy second-hand when it works for you. 

We aren’t experts and we don’t have all of the answers but we’re learning as we go and are on a quest for creative improvement. We’d love to hear what you think of The Good Edit, whether you’re a customer, potential brand partner, media or anyone else who wants to say hello!  

We also work with corporate partners and have recently helped source sustainable items for Disaronno International’s stunning new UK headquarters, and supported several businesses with their Christmas gifting requirements. 

You can message me directly on [email protected]

So enjoy browsing our collection and I hope one of our styles of shopping suits you and your lifestyle.